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Family life gets wild. When it's good there is nothing better. When things get rough, it can feel like there is nothing worse. My training is in Marriage & Family Therapy, which helps me to assess how I can best support you, regardless of what your current family struggle might be. Whether it is a family transition like illness or loss in the family, two household families, divorce or merging step families, differences in race, religion or culture, or behavioral or mental health issues, therapy can lead to a lot of stress relief and long term changes that result in a functional peaceful and loving family environment. 

My approach to family therapy is social justice focused and aligns with the model of Emotionally Focused Therapy. The model assumes that humans are wired for connection. The work I do with families helps each member to identify emotional meanings beneath behavioral patterns and to share them with each other in ways that are new. This leads to a reduction in reactive behavior and a boost in connection. I work with people planning families, families with young children or adolescents, adult families, families making choices about elder care, chosen families, and other “non-traditional” family relationships.

My aim in treating families is to build strong and satisfying relationships. When a family has resilience, they can adapt to any challenge that arises. I help families learn to recognize and then eventually express their needs for love, support, protection and comfort. No member of a family should stand alone in their struggle. Therapy can help to make it safe to lean on your family by creating understanding and support, sharing emotion, and finding new ways of relating. Although it generally takes quite some time to change deeply ingrained patterns, many family members experience transformation and relief after just one session of family therapy. 

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