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My training in systemic and relational theories through a social justice lens underlies my belief that you are not experiencing things in a vacuum. You are impacted by relationships of the past and the people you interact with in the present. And it is within relationships that healing and growth occur. Sharing your story with someone and experiencing acceptance creates genuine connection and drives the therapeutic process. 

In therapy, you will learn to identify and sit with emotions that you may be accustomed to brushing off or dealing with on your own. This can be challenging, but may help you to feel some relief right away. I think you’ll find that developing the capability to locate and share your emotional experience is incredibly grounding. In your sessions with me, I give you my undivided attention to discuss whatever you feel is most troublesome in your life. We all have times of struggle and find ourselves feeling alone, in pain, confused, or in distress. I hope my work with you helps you to unravel the knots that have grown tangled, and to feel good about yourself, your contributions and your relationships. Together we can find peace and meaning, even if that feels impossible right now. I think that somewhere inside, you already know how to do this. We will work together to uncover this knowledge and to help you gain clarity so you can accomplish whatever it is you set out to achieve in therapy. I am more concerned with relieving your symptoms than diagnosing them,  but if you have a previous mental health diagnosis, or would like to understand what you are experiencing in a different way, I'm happy to explore this with you, and I have the training and skill to do so. 

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